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_MG_1262My name is Michael Schmidt Nissen, and I welcome you here at my site. I live with my family in the flat marshlands of western Denmark, near the town of Ribe, which was founded by the vikings around 700 AD. I am a historical blacksmith, and I have been working with iron age and viking era smithing for around twenty years. During this time I have specialized in making weapons and tools using the exact same materials and methods as our distant ancestors.

When I make an axe or a spearhead, I first dig out the iron-rich ore found in the meadows and bogs near my home. Then I use the ore to smelt iron in a clay furnace similar to those found in my local region, dating back to the early iron age. The metal made this way has the exact same appearance, structure and qualities as that of iron and steel made in prehistoric Scandinavia. When forging weapons and tools of this metal I take the art of making exact replicas a huge step further compared to replicas made of modern steels. The feel, texture and shine of things made by this metal is very different from that of modern, highly controlled steel alloys.


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  1. gitte

    Hov har forsøgt at fange dig alle mulige steder. Vil du maile din mail adresse til
    gitte@kjaer.nu. Vi vil gerne have tilladelse til en tegning til Ditlev Tamm, De 100 bedste
    Historier i Jura. Skriv, skriv,

  2. Rob Gross

    Thank you for your wonderful website. You are keeping alive an art that is part of our heritage, and should never be lost.


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