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If you are interested in learning more about prehistoric iron smelting, you are more than
welcome to to contact me. I arrange smithing and iron smelting courses and demonstrations several times a year in my workshop and at various historical markets and heritage centers. We can also arrange a course at your place.

40 års jubilæet Guldager 005

The glowing hot bloom is forged with wooden hammers at a two-day seminar for school children, the Guldager iron age village in western Jutland.


2 thoughts on “Courses & Demonstrations

  1. Julie Watts

    Hi Michael,
    I am part of a crew of Viking re-enactors that puts on The Viking Festival in Vista,( Southern California). every year the last weekend in September. Some of us are planning a trip to Northern Europe,, maybe this summer, to visit as many Viking Centers and Festivals as possible. I am very impressed with the Ribe Viking Center.

    I don’t know how many of us will be going on this trip, we are just planning it now. Could you give me some more information about your workshops? Is there a best time in summer to come see you? What month do think it would be best to visit to see the most Viking re-enactments and activities?

    Thank you for having such an interesting website and making it easy to contact you. If you are ever in Southern California, particularly, late September, we would be very happy to receive a visit from you.

    Julie Watts
    Publicity Chair Viking Festival 2015

    1. Michael Schmidt Nissen Post author

      Hello Julie,

      Sorry for the late reply, I don’t always check up on my page on a daily basis. I will be glad to set up a workshop whenever you want it. If you’re willing to travel all the way from California, then I’ll make room in the calendar for you, don’t worry about it. As for the workshop, I mostly do courses in historical iron age / viking style blacksmithing and iron smelting from local ores. I always tailor the workshops for whomever joins in, wether it is school children, students, or archaeologers. If you have any requests or you’d like to do anything particular, just let me know. I’m usually working at the iron age heritage center from may to september, and you can always visit me there to see some really authentic smelting and smithing. I can also arrange a small evening trip in a viking ship replica if you’d like that. We sail 2-3 hours every week, and there’s room for about 20 guests aboard.

      When it comes to seeing viking related stuff in Denmark, the Ribe Viking Centre is really good! There’s also a very good viking museum in Ribe, which often causes a bit of confusion due to name similarities. My current place of work, the Hjemsted iron age heritage center is also good, but that’s not direcly viking related. We cover roughly 500 BC. to 600 AD, which is a just as awesome historical period as the viking era, just less hyped. The best time in summer to experience historical reenactment and these kind of things is in the Danish school summer holidays, which is a period of 6 weeks usually from the last week in june to the first week in august, both weeks included.

      I would love to come over and see the states some day – haven’t been over yet.

      Finally, a few links: (my place of work) (the viking era ship replica you can try out. Click on the links to the left to see photo albums.)



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