If you would like to get in contact with me, you are welcome to write a message here or drop me an email. The adress is my name as written at the top of the page, no spaces and only small letters. There’s also an “at” and a “gmail dot com” in the adress. I’m sure you will figure it out. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I’m doing it this way to prevent spam mail.

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  1. Jeroen Maas

    Hello Michael,

    Jeroen here from the Frisii, we met last july at Hjemsted.
    I’m still interested in an adze, can you contact me please?

    Best wishes, Jeroen

    1. Michael Schmidt Nissen Post author

      Hello Jeroen,
      Thanks for a great time in Hjemsted, we had some fun days together! I can make an adse for you, no problem. I start smithing again as soon as we close down for the winter, in late october.

      Cheers Michael

  2. Rafael


    While searching for some velocity verlet c++ implementation, i found two links to your website, but they are dead, could you please send me this:;

    I’m doing some work on the solar system simulation, and this would be very helpful 😉

    thanks in advance

    1. Michael Schmidt Nissen Post author

      Hello Rafael,

      I’ll dig out the files you request and throw in some examples with gravitational interaction as well 🙂
      The 4th, 6th, and 8th order integration algorithms by David Whysong are easy to implement and really awesome for solar system simulations.
      I have a lot of code examples in FreeBASIC, which is a modern OOP language, more like c++ than c, would you like to have a look at those?

      Michael aka. h4tt3n

      1. Rafael


        And first thank you for your fast response. I’am required to use the velocity verlet in this particular simulation (sun, earth and the moon), so if you have any C++ implementation of this algorithm it would be great.
        Those FreeBasic examples seems a nice alternative to C++, if you can please send them to me, i would be grateful 🙂

        Do you have access to the email i write in the comment box “Email”?

        thanks for your help

      2. Rafael

        Hello again,

        Can you send me this until the end of the day, or is it impossible for you? Anyway, thank you for helping me.

        Thanks in advance.

  3. Michael Schmidt Nissen Post author

    Hello, I have looked throug all my coding related folders and I just can’t find the files you mention. Could you please send me a link to the forum thread where I’m mentioning them?

  4. Ida Andersen

    Kære Michael

    Jeg håber du har det godt. Det er efterhånden længe siden vi var kollegaer i HJemsted.

    Jeg er formand for middelalderforeningen RMM. Vi skaber et middelaldermarked i Ribe på frivillig og non-profit basis. Det går rigtig godt med at skabe Ribes Middelalder Marked, måske har du lyst til at deltage som smed? Se meget gerne vores hjemmeside og Facebook-side. Du er velkommen til at kontakte mig.
    på mail eller tlf. 51 68 41 06

  5. a.p.hansen

    jeg er ude efter at få fat i noget myremalm. Det er mig der er ejer af Nydam Mose hvor båden er fundet.
    Hvert år er der en regatta hvor kopien bliver roet ved Sottrup Skov, Ved denb lejlighed vil jeg gerne lave en demo af jernsmeltning da båden jo er fra Romersk Jernalder.


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